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Vulpos is a global real estate digital asset exchange powered by the VPX cryptocurrency. VPX is a community driven, DeFi governance crypto. VPX provides staking, liquidity and voting in the Multi Trillion Dollar ($USD) Real Estate Market.



Powered by state of the art technology

Bridging the real world with DeFi

With Vulpos DeFi crosses over to the real world, with real assets used by real people generating real cash flows, straight to your wallet.

Tokenized Assets

With the Vulpos Protocol and Exchange your crypto has value in the real world. Bitcoin and other coins can be used as collateral for your next home or mortgage, or be invested in a real estate fund. Imagine the infinite possibilities tokenized assets can bring to your life.

Liquid. Fast. Global.

With tokenized assets trillions of dollars in liquidity can be added to both the traditional world of finance and the decentralized currency world.

Lightning fast real estate investments. Trade your assets faster than a real estate agent can say your name.

Access global markets with the speed of light. This is the future of real estate and finance.

Speed is everything.
Tokenized Assets

Delivering on the promise of blockchain technology combined with the fundamental aspects of great real estate investments, the tokenized asset market is set to grow exponentially the coming decade. By being first, you enjoy the unlimited upside of being a digital asset pioneer.
 Shop for real estate like you do for anything else.

Safe and Secure

With blockchain technology, your investments are guaranteed. By providing the ledger with all the information that is needed, we can track every asset in real time and deliver pay-outs when needed. This never seen before precision in investments makes tokenized assets superior to anything seen ever before.

VPX: The Real Estate Cryptocurrency

VPX enables real estate to flow like water through a global network of payment settlement providers, real estate funds, banks, and decentralized investment mesh liquidity networks


By providing liquidity in real estate fund pools you can earn both interest and trading fees. VPX amplifies both.

More VPX = More Money.


Stake VPX in your favorite real estate asset and capture interest and trading fees. The more people use VPX staking the less there is in circulation, leading to more money for you.


Use VPX as the ultimate way to vote on the future of your city. By using VPX to vote on the buildings and plans that you love, you decide how your city will look like. This is the future of city planning.

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Join us on our path to tokenizing the world's finest real estate.

Q4 2021

Launch the Vulpos cryptocurrency (VPX)

VPX enables the Vulpos Exchange and Protocol to function in tokenizing real estate. VPX has three functions: staking, liquidity and voting. Demand for VPX will grow exponentially in the future due to the tokenomics that are designed for growth.

Q1 2022

Launch Vulpos Exchange

On the Vulpos Exchange you will be able to invest in tokenized real estate with Ethereum, BNB, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. With the Vulpos Exchange launch, we will have at least 1 Billion USD in tokenized offerings available, the largest security token offering to date!

Q2 2022

Launch iOS and Android apps

Our team with major experience in banking and government fintech projects will launch the mobile apps in Q4 of 2021. This way Vulpos put's tokenized real estate and DeFi in the hands of millions of people.

Q3 2022

Integration with real estate institutions live

By integrating Vulpos and VPX with leading global real estate institutions we will onboard assets at scale. This will lead to both excellent investment opportunities for Vulpos users as well as liquidity for real estate companies.

Real estate at your fingertips

With Vulpos iOS and Android apps investing in real estate has never been this easy and accessible to people worldwide.


View your portfolio at a glance. Your cryptocurrencies integrate seamlessly with real world assets. As it should be. View total balance as well as your monthly income generated.


Stake your cryptocurrencies in real estate assets worldwide via Vulpos. This way you benefit from both the unlimited upside from your crypto as well as the cashflow from real estate.

Don't wait any longer -- join the future of crypto.

Vulpos enables you to invest in real estate with the tap of a button.

Investing made easy.