Reels Estate by Vulpos Homes

Make BIG money with real estate worldwide.

Remotely, from your phone, using Reels and other social media.

Connect people, sell real estate, get PAID!

Earn up to $50,000 USD per month.

Vulpos Homes  successfully worked with global famous companies such as:

This program is for you if you are

Looking for...
a way to make money online

Looking for...
an easy step by step plan to follow

Looking for...
proven systems that guarantee results

Looking for...
a company to start working with and apply your training immediately

Complete Beginner

You have 0 experience with real estate

You look for a way to make money on social media

You need a step by step process

You are afraid and don't know where to start and what to say

You want to go from $0 to $10,000 a month in 90 days or less and continue to grow

You want to be shown a perspective on a successful carreer

You are ready to do the work needed and make an investment in yourself

You look for ways to make money and be successful with real estate

You want to learn how to communicate with clients effectively and know what to say to position you and your services as their only option for a successful sale

You want to grow in your carreer and create your own real estate business

Real Estate Professional

Are you already working in real estate and making money?

Are you looking for ways to expand your business?

Are you looking for ways to work with global clients, investors and companies?

Do you want to break the barrier of income, the so called ''invisible ceiling" because you believe the sky is not even your limit and you ready to make unlimited amounts of money?

Do you want to learn how you can make BIG commissions on luxury listings (higher than a $100,000) consistently?

Do you want steady flow of hot clients via social media, without paying for ads?

Quick and easy process
FAST results!
FAST money! Repeat and succeed.

Reels Estate is a brokerage in your pocket

You can start make money with real estate today

Real estate, generating real cash, straight to your bank

What are you waiting for?

Global Real Estate Community

With Vulpos anyone can become a real estate agent. Do you own a phone? Do you have access to the internet? Do you know how to use social media? Then you can make money with real estate today.

Liquid. Fast. Global.

Never wait months again on a commission payout. Connect a client, get paid instantly. Wherever you are in the world.

Lightning fast real estate deals. Make money faster than an old school real estate agent can say your name.

Access global markets with the speed of light. This is the future of real estate.

Speed is everything.
Global Portfolio

Vulpos Homes is the real estate provider for the 1%. Besides corporate housing, we have a whole portfolio of ultra high end listings. With our luxury portfolio of listings, you get the critical infrastructure to ensure you are up to speed to start making money. The average real estate agent spends all of his time finding listings. With Vulpos Homes, you get the tools and market share of an elite agent from day 1.

Safe and Secure

With the newest payment technology, your commission payments are guaranteed. By providing the ledger with all the information that is needed, we can track every deal in real time and deliver pay-outs immediately. This never seen before precision in deals makes you stand out between every agent worldwide.

Reels Estate program facts

Start your journey today. Become an elite agent. Make elite commissions. Simple.


$ Step by step program to start making money in real estate online

$ Learn everything from how to communicate to how to prepare your social media profiles for success

$ Go from complete beginner to your FIRST $10,000/month

$ Guaranteed results! Nobody will be left without results! 

$ Network with real estate professionals all over the world!

$ Use Reels to sell real estate, with or without yourself in the videos!

$ Never worry about finding new clients: clients will come to you!

$ Work with Vulpos Homes immediately during and after training

$ Get 1-on-1 support from our team during the 90 days of training

$ Get one video meeting with Fadi Admo, the founder of Vulpos Homes

$ You will get listings in Europe and Dubai that you can sell

$ You will learn how to communicate with customers

$ All our students are successful and have reached the targets

$ Success Guarantee! You will reach your target or get your money back! 

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$ Everything in Beginner

Weekly calls with our Sales Manager with tips how to increase your sales

$ A step by step process to acquire more luxury listings and sell these consistently

$ How to partner and split commissions with agents all over the world

$ How to attract top clients and retain them over the years

$ How to negotiate offers for your clients effectively to reach one goal: to close a deal

$ How to use A.I. to create content, reach clients, write clients emails, get ideas how to market property and more.

$ Weekly video call with company founder Fadi Admo

$ Priority Support during the whole training

$ Step by Step Dynamic Plan to take you from the level you are now to $50,000 a month and beyond

$ Dynamic Plan means it is designed by our team for your specific situation and experience!
$ Success Guarantee

$ Learn how to get unlimited amount of clients and resell to other agents

$ Communication Masterclass: how to effectively speak to elite clients!

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$ Everything in Beginner + Pro

Mastermind meeting in Dubai in 19 March 2024

$ Exclusive access to off-market deals

$ Exclusive dinner with other VIP students

$ Show you how to create a successful full stack real estate business like Vulpos Homes consisting of: rent, brokerage, luxury listings, education, financing, investment and other factors that together make your real estate business a success.

$ In person meeting with founder Fadi Admo

$ Introductions to real estate partners, investors and more

$ Life-time membership Vulpos Homes

$ Masterclass on real estate tokenization

$ Learn how to use creative financing to acquire assets with no money down

Learn how to structure deals for investors

$ Learn how to structure a fund the right and legal way

$ Invites to group dinners around the world

$ Access to Vulpos VIP Concierge Services

$ Lifetime Support

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Sign Up, Join The Community, Make Money

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Vulpos Reels Estate 3 Steps Money

Follow these steps to become an elite real estate agent


Start the training

Fill in the form on the website and our team gets in touch with you right away to give you next steps to access your training. You will instantly get access to the best training and our high-end listings and be ready to start making commissions.


Target. Engage. Produce.

Social media is your playground combined with the force of email and phone. Some agents are better at social. Other are better on the phone. Your goal is to find out where you produce most and double down on it. We will give you lead lists, strategies to produce on social media and more.


Close deals. Get PAID! Repeat.

By following our system and process you can expect to close your first deal within the first week. This is most probably a deal for a rental property and these commissions get paid out immediately.

Real estate at your fingertips

You can make money with real estate wherever you are, whenever you want. Just using your smartphone.


Get paid commission just by making introductions on social media.


Payouts are in real time and can be in bank transfer or crypto. You choose! 

Don't wait any longer -- join the future of real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course kicks off in Q1  2024. You will receive an email with the links to the groupchats with access to the material.

Which feedback will I receive?

With all plans you will get personalized feedback from our team as well as Mr. Admo, the company founder. You will be sure to be successful when you incorporate this feedback in your work.

What is the duration of the course?

The course in total takes 90 days. During this time you will already be expected to start the work and reach results.

What if I don't have experience?

This does not matter at all. In fact, our beginner program is designed for people who are without experience. You can start today! 

How much money can I make after the course?

Our course is designed to bring you either from 0 to $10,000/month or from your level to reach a next stage (20, 30 and even 50 or more per month). There is no limit in earnings!

What if I don't get results?

There is a 100% satisfaction with money back guarantee. If you follow the course and all our advice, it is impossible to not get results! We believe in it so much: we will pay you back if you don't get results!

Which devices do I need to be succcesful?

Any smartphone is good to use social media.

Do I need a lot of followers on social media?

No, it is not needed. Even without followers or a big account you can find clients and close deals.

How can I be sure this is real?

You can check our company and our management on social media and Google. If you have more questions, reach out and our management will answer them.

I am afraid I will not earn enough, what can I do?

It is simply not possible. If you study the course and take action, you WILL make more money than you expected in the luxury real estate industry.

How long will the course be available?

This course will start in Q1 and there is a limited amount of spots available, so be sure to sign-up as soon as you are ready!

How can I start?

By signing up here on the website with your details our team will reach out to you on the same day for checking your documents and completing your sign-up process.

Vulpos enables you to make money with real estate from your phone.

Real estate made easy.